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jeudi 29 novembre 2018

I'm Seeing Red....


Today I'm seeing red everywhere! Don't worry I'm not angry .. on the contrary! .. but red tends to make us think of powerful emotions doesn't it?

I'll introduce you to the symbolism of this colour, and all the colours in other articles to follow..but for the moment let me begin with the warmest colour of the spectrum..Red


Red is associated with the first chakra, that of the root. The one at the base of the spine that represents grounding and strength.

It also reflects energy and positivity, passion, life,vitality and reproduction, and also courage ... all this when this chakra is in balance of course ..

When you want to add some power, or give an impression of confidence and dynamism, you wear red or a bright red lipstick right? ...

On the contrary, when there is an imbalance, red symbolises anger, danger, aggression and violence. We just have to look at the colour of a toreador's cloak, for example, the colour of road signs to be respected on the road, or the color of a poisonous and dangerous insect ... They're all red!

See also the symbolism of blood red on Poppy Day in England, November 11..each poppy representing the blood lost in the field, for home and country during the wars.

Red and Embroidery

I think that it's safe to say that red is THE favorite colour of embroiderers. It remains a classic color in embroidery ... a tradition that comes from the 18th century, where women marked their linen, with a thread and their initials, to recognise their sheets and nightgowns on laundry days at the river or at the laundry.

Also young girls learned the alphabet and numbers, embroidering their sampler, with a red coloured thread named Rouge du Rhin ... so named after its region of origin - the Alsace region. These samplers have become collector items nowadays and are often proudly displayed by the descendants of these little embroiderers.

The DMC colour that corresponds to this red thread is No. 321..or the Rouge A from Le Fil Atalie range ?!

How about you?

  • Do you like red?
  • Do you prefer to stitch with  red threads?
  • When you see red, what and how do you feel?
  • When you wear red, how do you feel?

Thank you for reading to the end .. and for your answers to my questions in the article. Please leave them in the comments below.
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Happy Stitching!

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