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jeudi 28 juin 2018

Summer projects and September Plans + Exclusive Sneak Peek + Special Offer only for you!

Hello my friend!

Finally .. the sun and the heat have arrived here. I hope that summer has arrived where you live too?
On the personal front my parents and little sister No. 2 have also arrived for their summer break, before the big heat and wave of tourists ..

My Next Show

On the professional side, I'm continuing my preparations and hand dyeing for my next show .. or rather festival of all that is handmade (in England) for mid-September. I have never participated in an event like this, but the trailer (yes a show with a trailer) promises to be great...

So if you have always wanted to visit the south of England (25 minutes from London) AND Henry VIII Castle - Hampton Court..which is the birthplace of The Blackwork Embroidery and the Royal Needlework School by the way .. it's now or never :)

The Royal Needlework School - Hampton Court

A secret sneak peek

For this occasion I've created a range of new over dyed threads - Colour Gems - which are a range of unique yarns. you can see a few photos of them here. You are the first privileged people to see them. I've talked about them nowhere else ... you're my inner circle, so you get to see them first!

I created them with my knowledge of colour therapy (which I'm studying at the moment). Each thread represents one of the many qualities of its colour. For example the red is called "Energy", the green is called "Balance" and embroidering with these threads or admiring your embroidery, will help you feel energised and balanced! There are 15 colours in total, with different virtues for each.

Here are a few:

Dream - Flow - Truth

Light - Joy - Energy - Harmony

Colour Gem Range

These threads will be available on my site soon for € 2.90, each. They'll also be available as a pack of 15: 37.50 € plus postage of 3€.  I have only a limited quantity for now but if you are interested in buying these threads (before they fly over to England) leave me a message here in the comments, by email: tometlily@hotmail.com or on FB.

Special Offer - July

From July 1st to 31st, to celebrate the arrival of summer and to thank you for your loyalty and for following me and reading this blog, I'm giving away a piece of my hand dyed embroidery fabric! Yes you read that right! For 3 fabrics purchased you will get one totally free! Place 4 fabrics in your basket and use the code: 3PLUS1 and you'll benefit from a 10 € reduction (while stocks last)

The Blog in July & August

Since March, many of you have been reading my articles every Thursday, and I really appreciate the time you take to do so! With the summer holidays coming (and the house full), and work that continues of course, I'll not be able to follow the same pace .. So I'm thinking of posting an article every two weeks ... Anyway I'm going to try! I'll get back to weekly articles in September!

Feel free to share this article with your friends and on your favourite social networks! Please leave me a comment to tell me what you think about these threads! Any comments will be useful to me and I thank you in advance!

Right time for me to let you get on with your stitching!

Happy Stitching!

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