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jeudi 21 juin 2018

Amateur Reporter from Louhans - June 2018

Hello my friends,

Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in the 1st textile art fair in Louhans, (71) with 29 of my colleagues ... all gathered together for your pleasure and stitching needs! Today I'm taking you with me on a tour of this fair, as if you were there!

Here is the poster (which I found very pretty, before even being there).  The list of exhibitors follows:

Poster and Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List
We took to the road early to drive the 600 km between my home and Louhans. On arrival we discovered a beautiful little medieval town with an old-fashioned town center and it's arcades. As an extra bonus we were immersed into overwhelming heat. This would follow to be the theme of the weekend!

Quick Visit of the Town Center

Old crooked houses



Beautiful architechture

Paved Main Street
Our Gite

Whilst on tour for fairs, we often share with colleagues to reduce the cost of accommodation and this makes the weekend even more enjoyable!
Super gite in Montcony

The Fair Entrance

Botanical Welcome

This hall is usually used for the poultry market. This area of France is renowned for it's poulrty farming and succulent chickens. Imagine my surprise when I lifted my head and saw this huge chicken!..it was perched just above my stand and kept an eye on me all weekend!

Poulet de Bresse!

My Stand

Some of the other Stands
Sandrine - Anis & Bergamote

Catherine et Patrick - Le Comptoir d'Eugenie

Emmanuelle - Manucrea

Charline Ségala

Myriam - Rouge Petit Coeur

Gwen - L'R de Rien

For more information on this exhibition / fair you can have a look at the associations blog.

How about you:

  • Did you visit this fair?
  • Do you know the city of Louhans?
  • Have you ever visited the Burgundy/Saone et Loire area of France?
  • Have you ever been to France?

RDV next week for the last June newsletter. I will tell you how the summer will be on the blog!

Happy Stitching!

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