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jeudi 14 juin 2018

Competition Result + Rainbow

Today is the day of our contest result that I proposed last week. I’ll show you the finished design, with its new title. Then I'll show you some pictures of my hand dyed embroidery fabrics! I’ve been very busy (it was exhausting to tell the truth) but it’s such an enjoyable process! and each color brought me its unique quality. Colour is a real therapy and I'm crazy about colour!


There were 9 "correct" answers and suggestions for the new "Dragonflies" design, all very nice and original. Thank you very much for your participation.
Lily drew the name to choose the winner again!


The lucky winner, and yes this time there is only one person who'll win the chart ... and that person is...


Lily picked out Roseline's "La Valse des Libellules", which in english is Dragonfly Waltz. Congratulations to you!
As soon as the chart is ready I’ll send it to you with pleasure (please send me your postal address at tometlily@hotmail.com)

New Design

So here is my new blackwork creation for Spring..along with its new title!

Dragonfly Waltz
 and here are Spring and Summer together from this new Blackwork range!

Dragonfly Waltz and Under the Ocean


To help me prepare for Autumn and Winter do you have ideas for new themes? Can you help me find a nice idea and note them in the comments please!

Embroidery Fabrics

To finish I’m gifting you a little bit of color therapy! There are some 32 and 36 count linen, Aida 16,18 and 20, eavenweave and the same with lurex too!
It’s time to breath in the colour!
Soleil/Safran/Terracotta/Chocolat Noir





The charts and kits for Dragonfly Waltz and Under the Ocean will be available on www.tometlilycreations.com soon. You can also find all my fabrics there too!

Thank you for reading me and see you next week! Feel free to share this article with your friends.

Happy Stitching!

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