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jeudi 12 juillet 2018

Definition of Colour by Matisse

Hi there!

How are you today? We're already into the second week of July! Time flies so fast! 
What are you working on at the moment? Are you on holiday? Or still at work? Do you have more time to stitch? Please let me know below.

This week I came across this quotation from Henri Matisse (French Fauvism painter), and found that it really resonated in me. Colour is as powerful as this. Have a look at tell me what you think?

With my everyday work, whether it be designing, stitching, dyeing fabric or threads, I get energised through the colours. I've noticed that it can change my mood and cheer me up, or give me energy when I need a boost! Have you ever noticed this? If not give it a go and see what you feel through using different colours.

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Yep this is me!
Thanks for reading my article today and I'll see you again on the 26th for my second July article!
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Happy Stitching!

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