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jeudi 26 juillet 2018

I need your help + Competition

Hello Hello!

It's incredible isn't it ..that we're already July 21st..time flies so fast! I hope you're enjoying a pleasant summer holiday, or at least enjoying the warmth??

I'm still frantically preparing for The Handmade Show in England, in September .. By the way I'll have free admission tickets soon to give away.. so if you're interested stay posted?!

At the moment I have my hands constantly in my latex gloves and a mask over my nose and mouth..this isn't great during the summer heat .. (+ hot flashes due to menopause!) But it's essential  to dye the stock of stitching fabrics and threads needed for this show! ..on the other hand I love what I do so ....

Is this Melanie or Meredith Grey (haha)??
So as the title of this article says..I need your help! A few weeks back, I launched a contest to find the titles of my two new blackwork hoop designs ... do you remember?
Dragonfly Waltz & Under the Sea

It was Roseline, Can Poi and Tortue who won the draw (by the way, the charts will soon be ready!)

This time I need your theme ideas for the rest of the designs in this set. I have to create the hoops for Autumn (on a pastel orange dyed lurex brittney fabric) and Winter (on white brittney lurex) and that's where I'm stuck ... I have a few ideas, but I thought that it might be fun to ask you to give me yours!

So please enter your autumn and winter theme ideas, which you think would fit in with the existing two, in the comments below ... and the best two (one for each season) will win the corresponding charts!

Thanks in advance for your ideas, which will be great I'm sure! Thank you also for sharing this article, you'll help me to increase the participations and make my brand known ; 0)

I can't wait to read them!  You have until August 8th midnight for your participation and you can give as many proposals as you want! Results on August 9th to share some of the themes and the winner announcement.

In the meantime, you can still take advantage of the free 3 + 1 offer on all my stitching fabrics here: http://bit.ly/2zaBR4D , until July 31st, but don't wait too long as stocks are going fast!

Happy Stitching!


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