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jeudi 10 mai 2018

Competition Result and The Winner Is..

Hello! How are you today? I hope the weather near you is superb and makes you feel happy?

Today is the day of our contest result that I organised last week. I'll also show you the full finished creation, with its new title,  and I'll finish with some important information on the next step of my company ...

The Contest

There were 23 correct answers and title proposals for the new "Jellyfish" chart all very nice and original. A big thank you to all of you for your participation.

To be able to choose the winner, I put your first names in a bowl and I asked my daughter Lily to draw a name...

The Result

I'm pleased to announce that the Winner is...not one..but two people !!

CanPoi and Turtle!

Lily drew "Under the Sea" from Can Poi. Since the translation into French was "Sous L'Ocean" we decided that Turtle should also win the chart!

Congratulations to both of you ... As soon as the chart is ready I'll send it to you (please send me your address to tometlily@hotmail.com)

New Chart

So here is my new blackwork design for the summer,  with its new title!
Under the Sea - Sous l'Océan

The chart and kit will be available soon in my online store. The spring version will arrive soon too!

Important step for my company

This month a new european law (GDPR) will be put into operation, which will affect all entrepreneurs in Europe and worldwide companies with european customers. You'll have already started to receive emails asking you to reconfirm your registration to marketing lists or newsletters..this is so that your favourite sites can comply with this new law.

I'll not bore you with detailed explanations because it's really not very interesting to know the in's and out's of this law .. 
But in brief, it's a is very positive law that was created to protect  every person who uses the internet ... (so almost everyone's) personal data. It helps you to know who has your personal information (email, address, phone for example) and why the person needs it and for what purposes they're using it.

You can systematically give your consent, or your refusal, regarding the processing of your personal data.

Companies have the habit of automatically ticking boxes for us, but now we'll need explicit permission of our readers, followers and customers to send you emails, to call you, or to contact you.

In a little while, I'll send you an email to ask you to re-confirm your subscription to my newsletter, so that my blog, site and newsletter comply with this new law.

That's the news of the week! I hope you enjoy reading my articles and following the evolution of Tom & Lily Creations. In any case I really love writing for you and enjoy sharing with you ... I hope that you'll want to stay with me on my list and let me continue to bring you joy and happiness through color and embroidery!

Just before you leave, I have some questions to ask you (please answer in the comments if you have 5 minutes!)

*How do you find the latest creation?
*Do you like the new title?
*Have you ever heard of the GDPR law before today?

While I wait for your answers I wish you a very good week, full of embroidery, happiness and color!

Happy Stitching!



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