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jeudi 13 décembre 2018

What is the Tree of Life? + SAL 365 Days 2019

Hello to You!

Today is the 13th of December..can you believe that?..a few more days and it'll be presents and turkey time..Time seems to just fly by , so today i'm going to give you a way of stopping time in 2019. Interested?

I'm about to launch inscriptions for my 365 Temperature SAL for 2019  and in this article I'm going to explain exactly what a Temperature SAL is and how to stitch one, give you a big clue on what the chart will be and then give you a link to find out more information and sign up!
Before presenting you the different versions of the 2019 SAL, I wanted to tell you about some of the new exciting things that will be going on this year with the SAL 

This year I chose the theme of the Tree of Life ... a guided and important choice for our well-being in 2019. This model represents much more than just cross stitch and stitching.  I'm pushing the concept a little further and combining your daily embroidery with your well-being, your positive mindset and letting go.

I would like to offer you 5 - 30 minutes a day, for you and your well-being. I want to create a group of stitchers, who are conscious of the positive effects that embroidery has on us and who want to do good to themselves on a daily basis.

I want to create a bubble of relaxation for you, where you'll feel good, at ease and with no stress. You'll have a little breathing exercise to do (if you want to) and a short meditation to put you in a positive state of mind, and just what it takes to let go and get your stitching done and make the best of it for you and your health.

We'll take the time together to experience SAL 2019 as a loving experience and make 2019 a year of good intentions for you and your family.


Tree of Life

Why choose a Tree of Life?

The tree of life is represented since the start of time and some say that this tree has existed since the beginning of history itself. It symbolises strength and rootedness, our connection with the earth, our family, our environment and the universe itself. The tree of Life is recognised symbolically in many diverse cultures, like the Celts, Chinese, Eygyptians, Assyrians..and many more

This tree represents the progression of life and of our way of living it, and all the opposing forces that make life the way it is: night and day, sun and moon, shade and light, good and evil, energy and magnetism...

The tree of life makes us think about how we live our lives, how we behave towards others, and especially ourselves, in order to find fulfilment. A balance to be found between our past, the present and the future. This makes us examine and question our interaction with others, our planet and the entire universe.

By losing its leaves and growing new ones, we can understand symbolically that life is a perpetual evolution, that nothing is permanent and that we can all renew ourselves, evolve and undertake new ways to better our lives.

SAL 365 Days Temperature

You may be wondering what a SAL is, and even more what a 365 Temperature one is?!

A SAL is the diminutive of Stitch A Long, which means Embroidering Together, or Long Embroidering.

It is a project that lasts 365 days and for the one I organise, as I explained above, the colour of the embroidery each day changes depending on the temperature outside!

It's fascinating to see how the same cross stitch pattern can change from stitcher  to stitcher, thanks to her choice of threads. There are embroiderers registered all over the world so there is a wide variation of temperatures throughout the year!

There is a temperature gauge to follow ... you just have to choose your threads, designate a colour for each temperature slot, then stitch the part of the day with the right colour ... the magic happens little by little and at the end of the year you'll have a beautiful and unique picture and lots of new stitching friends from all over the world!

It would make me very happy to have you among us..the more we are the better! I've created a private group on FB so that we can communicate easily and share our progress.

To motivate you a little bit more, I've decided to launch a competition at the end of each month (for those who are up to date in their embroidery) and who can show me her progress with a photo ... and there'll be prizes in store!

Inscriptions will open soon on my site, don't worry if you're subscribed to my newsletter you'll get an email with the link. If you're not subscribed please take a couple of minutes please do so here and be the first person to be informed about all the new and exciting things I've got planned for 2019!
Please reach out and ask any questions you may have..I'm here to help! For now I have some questions for you!
  • Have you already heard of the Tree of Life?
  • How do you like the idea of the Tree of Life as a SAL?
  • Are you excited to be able to combine a stitching SAL with some well being exercises, self love and supportive community?

Happy Stitching!

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