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jeudi 6 décembre 2018

Orange Power!

Hi there,

Today we have great autumnal weather, so this fits perfectly with the colour this week Orange! What does orange evoke in you? Maybe happiness and joy, autumn, warmth or your favourite cocktail or freshly pressed orange juice?

We're going to look at the symbolism of this warm colour, and all the other colours too but for now let's look at one of the brightest colours of the spectrum ...Orange


Orange is associated with the second chakra, the sacral chakra. It's situated between the hips just above the genitals so as you can imagine this colour represents amongst others joy, having fun and sexuality.

It also represents the flow and control of emotions and the 5 senses ; vibration and magnetism; life and movement, and enthusiasm...all of these when the chakra is balanced of course...

When you want to have a bit of fun, or give an impression of joy and well being, you wear orange, paint your nails orange or drink a freshly squeezed orange juice or eat a juicy satsuma ...

On the contrary, when there is an imbalance, orange symbolises slowing down, holding back, stagnation, inertia and even depression. To remedy this, you have to move, go out and have fun!

Orange is used in the world of advertising and marketing to give an offbeat, welcoming, fun feel to a product. For example Fanta, Tropicana, Amazon or Orange. A boost of vitamins to feel more joyful.

Buddhist monks wear saffron orange dresses because this colour represents the colour of gold, a symbol of purity for them.

Also orange is the sacred color in Hinduism. It represents the purifying fire of the body and passions, synonymous with freedom.

Closer to home orange is very much represented in the Netherlands. The tradition of orange dates back to the 16th century, when William of Orange-Nassau was the leader of the revolt in holland. He was the first to choose the colours of the country's flag which were orange, white and blue. This flag was named "The Prince's Flag".

This tradition is no longer seen in the Dutch modern flag, but is seen on all sports fields where a Dutch team plays!

Orange in Embroidery

Orange in embroidery is synonymous for any autumn themed piece and also for designs that celebrate Halloween ... whether you celebrate it or not ....
Orange adds a little warmth to stitching and a small cross here and there manages to make an embroidery pop.

The infamous orange DMC threads are numbers 740 and 970..or Potiron in the Fil Atalie range, and Joy in the Colour Gem range?!

How about you..

  • Do you like the colour orange?
  • Do you often embroider with orange thread?
  • When you see orange, what do you feel?
  • When you wear orange, how do you feel?

Thank you for reading to the end .. and for your answers to my questions in the article. Please leave them in the comments below.
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Happy Stitching!

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