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jeudi 12 avril 2018

Embroidery Test..What is your Embroidery Type?

Hello my friends! I hope this little article finds you fit and happy? For my part, I am surrounded by workers..menuisiers and electricians who are sawing, hammering, drilling, breaking and replacing the old windows in our house ... it's not easy to concentrate and I'm in front of my computer dressed with 10 layers on because everything is open ... I feel like an eskimo sitting in my igloo! But the result (is) and will be superb, so Im staying as ZEN as I can! For you this week, I've created a fun test to do about embroidery .. I don't think I've seen any on the internet, so I applied myself to do it! (Actually I've been slaving over it for a month) it's one thing to create it..and another to understand how to put it out there on the internet!
It's This Way!
By following the link at the bottom of this article you'll find out which embroidery technique you are and which embroidery suits you the most! It's fast, free and fun ... Once you've finished the test you'll be invited to subscribe to my newsletter to access your result .. if you're already registered, you can skip this step. As a side note please be informed that I won't share your mail and that you can unsubscribe whenever you want if you wish to do so..I hope not but the option is there :) Feel free to share your result on your favorite social networks and encourage your friends to take the test..I need you, and your help, to circulate it as much as possible and make my little colourful and creative
world known!

Then come back here and tell me, in the comments, what result you got..I am interested! Is this the result you were expecting? Do you know the embroidery type you got as a result? Do you want to know more about this technique? Do you think you "are" another embroidery instead??
Enjoy yourselves and spend a lovely week full of colourful little crosses! Link to the test: https://bit.ly/2qjAHNw Happy Stitching! Melanie xxxxxx

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