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jeudi 9 août 2018

Mushrooms, Squirrels or Falling Leaves...

Hello friends!

Do you like this heat? .. It's summer after all, but 38 degrees during the day and 33 at night takes it's toll doesn't it?!

In addition I don't need to explain that working in the heat isn't easy at all!

Since my last article, my sister and her family have arrived for 5 weeks holidays! Not at all obvious for me to be able to work with all the distractions that that entails..so I do the minimum and I enjoy the beach and my family..I'll have time to catch up later ...

Hoop Competition

In my last article I made a cry for help to find themes for my next two creations. Not many of you participated, but those that did gave me some very interesting and varied answers!

Autumn Hoop

There were a lot of proposals in common, among which Mushrooms, Squirrels, Chestnuts and Leaves seemed popular

I had a long think and I believe that leaves will be very pretty, embroidered with blackwork using beautiful autumnal colours ..

Winter Hoop

For the winter theme, I immediately knew that it was going to be fir trees! An internal intuition in me that it was the good one!


The name of all those who had proposed either the leaves or the fir trees (well everyone really!!) were put in a bowl, and Maisy, my niece drew the winners .. one for each hoop ...

Cheeky Little Maisy !

SO...For the Autumn hoop,  the winner is Mamité.
For the winter hoop it's Didine! Congratulations to both of you! Please send me your mailing address to receive your charts.please be aware that the designs havn't been designed yet, so it will take a little time!

August Promotion

For the month of August you can take advantage of my promo AOUT15, in the shop and benefit from -15% on any purchase ...


Thank you for your encouragement and nice comments..I love to write for you and without you I wouldn't be able to! Please share this article, or talk about my blog with your embroidery friends and help me make Tom & Lily Creations known ... a solo entrepreneur..made in France!

Happy Stitching!



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