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jeudi 22 mars 2018

News updates for Tom & Lily Creations!

Hello to all my faithful followers! It's been a long time since I came to post here hasn't it? Today I'm going to tell you why!

We bought and did up a house last year and we took 6 months to do everything ourselves .. I tried to create, embroider, blog at the same time but it was really hard! We are installed and really good today ... so I can resume a more pronounced activity on this blog ...

Then ... I was 49 in November..yeh and.. I hear you say! In my family birthdays with a multiple of 7 are rather important and this one is 7 x 7 ... and to begin with, without realising it was a fateful age for me, my brains started thinking and bubbling over! I finally said yes to a girlfriend to accompany her to Yoga, she had been inviting me for a long time ... well I did!  And i'm so pleased I did..The physical and more importantly psychic effects on me have upheaved my life and how I see it!

I feel like I just woke up..I question my presence in this life and why I'm here. I've decided to put myself forward a little more, after years of taking care of everyone at home and looking after them instead of my desires ... which is quite normal at the time is it not?

So now I try not to feel guilty when I go to the hairdressers, or if I want to have a manicure, take a yoga class or take the time to read and learn ... and it is great !

For Tom & Lily Creations it also means changes..I am following online courses to improve my business, to bring you even more products and services to your taste and to give you an air bubble in your crazy and busy lives...

So don't be alarmed if I send you emails, newsletters (every Thursday), invitations to participate in contests, promos, give you free gifts and lots of new ideas, while still offering my Cross Stitch and Blackwork designs, fabrics and Atalie threads. If this is fine with you (you can always unsubscribe if it doesn't suit you) it will be with great pleasure that we'll create our bubble of well-being together!

To begin with I invite you to answer a QUESTIONNAIRE (if it is not already done) to help me organise my ideas and proposals .. to thank you, you will receive a 15% discount code to use in the online store.

So now you know everything! Looking forward to meeting you at a show and chatting with you soon.

Happy Stitching!

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